Closed Captioning - Done Right - Fast, Accurate and Affordable!

Over 100 million Americans rely on Closed Captioning to enhance their television viewing experience. Commercial spots are not currently required to be captioned. However, due to the large hearing impaired audience it makes perfect sense to increase your commercials effectiveness as much as 10% with this one simple procedure.

Without communicating your message effectively, you stand to be misunderstood. It is our pledge to insure proper spelling, placement and timing of the captions that communicate your message. This type of attention to detail sets us apart from our competition. Our experience in captioning over 8,000 projects makes us one of the top caption houses nationally. Our desire to accurately caption content makes us the logical choice for your next project.

We have completed caption projects for companies all over the US including some of the largest markets like: Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Kansas City, Kansas; Houston, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York. We have also captioned for several international production houses from Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil just to name a few.

We look forward to Captioning your Program! Call us at: 918-250-4588 ext. 119, or email us at: captioning@newdaymedia.com


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